Today in the city Cold Bay 21.04.2018
Cloud computing has caused a huge spike in the demand for data centers

With the surge of cloud computing, there's been an increase in demand for more and more data centers. While many might visualize "the cloud" as an intangible asset that lives online, these terabytes o...

Trade War Could Damage U.S. Consumers More Than China

Historically, both sides usually lose in trade wars. But, one side often loses more than the other. While China could be hurt by the Trump administration tariffs, U.S. consumers, companies and our all...

We visited Best Buy and an Apple Store to see which was a better shopping experience — and the winner was clear (BBY, AAPL)

Many customers have come to expect overcrowding, long wait times, and awkward customer service interactions at the Apple Store. Best Buy has a partnership with Apple in which it sells the tech giant's...

The Best Cloud Migration Path: Lift And Shift, Replatform Or Refactor?

When planning a cloud migration, it’s important to map organizational goals and the workloads that support them to those cloud features that will help further those goals.

Dad who drove daughter to buy fatal heroin dose could get 40 years, authorities say

The dealer who sold heroin to a Wisconsin woman who died of an overdose has been sentenced to prison -- and the woman's father may soon follow.

India's Booming Cloud Market Is Set To Be Worth $4.1 Billion By 2020 -- Here's Why

India's economy can benefit greatly from cloud integration, and we are already starting to see the impact

Huawei dealt a blow, loses Best Buy as retail partner - CNET

The Chinese company, the world's third-largest smartphone maker, won't be able to sell its smartphones, smartwatches and laptops at Best Buy. It's already shut out by the US carriers.

'A shot in the foot': The fallout from a trade war could make one of the market's biggest fears even worse

President Donald Trump is expected to announced new tariffs on China worth roughly $50 billion. Bank of America Merrill Lynch says this escalation of the global trade situation could exacerbate one of...

Why the US Could Lose Its 2026 World Cup Bid to Morocco

When Sepp Blatter, now enjoying an enforced retirement in his native Switzerland, looks back on his long and rather controversial career in football administration, he can perhaps point to the moment...

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